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MakerShop is for makers to connect with eachother and for people to connect with makers.

The Vision

MakerShop is the designer's platform to materialize objects around the world at the speed of design!

What's MakerShop?

We live in a blessed time with access to so much technology that helps us connect with other people. Here at MakerShop we have brought you some of that technology into one convenient place for you to use to promote, connect and sell whatever your shop is about. We are the platform that lets you sell by listing 3D printed and hand-crafted items and designs. Make a shop to micro-brand yourself and connect with fans via your shop's blog and comments and buy the items they love all here on MakerShop.

What if I want to post my own 3D designs or 3D printed items?

Get fans and customers for the things you make with 3D printers, laser cutters or design files. MakerShop sets you up with an online shop with a store front to list items, a blog and eventually eye balls! It's your change to make money, get recognition or just offer a free design because you think it will help someone. You get to brand your shop how you want. Start a maker shop now.

Selling Physical Items Like 3D Printed Goods

MakerShop currently does not integrate with any payment processing system. When you list a physical item for sale then it becomes available for people to buy via your shop. Shop visitors add items to a shopping cart which is accessible from a link at the top-right of every page. The shopping cart has a Checkout button that the user presses when they are ready to place an order. Visitors specify a quantity and contact information on the Checkout page and submit their order. Orders appear to shop owners under the Dashboard's Orders link. The Dashboard is accessible via a link at the top-right of every page for logged in users. Each order for an item appears on a separate line to the shop owner in the Orders page and owners can attach customer-specific notes and check the Fulfilled checkbox whenever the order is completely fulfilled. Shop owners are responsible for sending an invoice using the contact information provided in the order details to collect payment. Invoices can be sent via any method, like emailing a PayPal invoice.

Selling 3D Designs for 3D Printers

Selling a 3D design is like selling a physical item except you uploaded a file attachment with your listing. You must collect payment through a 3rd party system, like via a PayPal invoice. After the shop visitor pays then you check the order's Fulfilled checkbox and this grants the user access to download the file. The user can see file downloads they have access to by logging in, clicking on the Dashboard link in the top-right of the page and clicking on the Downloads link.

What Can I Sell?

MakerShop is intended to be a platform for Makers to set up family-friendly shops to market their 3D designs for 3D printers, physical 3D printed items that are mailed to the customer and hand-crafted items.

How Do I Take Payments?

MakerShop integrates with PayPal so you can receive payments directly from users to your PayPal account. This feature is new and has not been thoroughly tested. Please let us know of any problems so we can research it. MakerShop does not take any payments for you or send you a check. Transactions are directly between the buyer and the seller via PayPal. MakerShop has just made it easier by having the Buy button send customers to PayPal with certain information filled out and when payment is received on PayPal then we automatically update MakerShop to reflect that. This includes granting buyers access to content if they purchased a 3D design. If they purchased something physical then once you receive payment you are responsible for fulfilling the order and shipping the item to the buyer.

Can I Give Away 3D Design Files for Free?

Yes. MakerShop welcomes 3D designers to upload and give away their designs for 3D printed objects for free. We expect that some shop owners will do this to build a fan base, promote their skills to win custom work or for other reasons.

How Much Does MakerShop Cost?

MakerShop is only a month old and is still being developed. Shop owners can set up shops and blogs and list items all for free right now and we will always offer a free version. In the future some functionality or mass listings will only be available to paid subscribers, but that will be later in 2013.

Content Rights

Shop owners create and market their shops and items. MakerShop just provides the platform and does not claim the right to any of the intellectual property shop owners put on the platform. By creating a shop the shop owner agrees to only sell and market legal items and family-friendly content, no abusive language, sexually explicit content or overly violent items. Shop owners grant SpiveyWorks and the MakerShop website the royalty free right to redistribute content world wide via the platform, meaning MakerShop has the right to manage and distribute content throughout the world on its servers. SpiveyWorks and MakerShop are not liable for any errors or disruption to service that might occur that interfere with the proper functioning of a shop or any lossed revenue because of disruptions or errors.

Am I Responsible for Paying Taxes?

Yes. MakerShop just facilitates the transaction between the buyer and seller. You are responsible for collecting and paying any applicable taxes.

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