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Another geometric tiling for the Eggbot. This one somewhat reminiscent of Op Art. This drawing is in a 3200 by 800 pixel template.

Generating this and similar images is fairly simple. For example, this image was generated by drawing an isosceles triangle. Then it was "twisted" using the contributed "twist" extension under Extensions > Eggbot Contributed. The result of twisting was then cloned & tiled using Inkscape's Edit > Clone > Create Tiled Clones... tool.


The drawing is in two layers:

1 - test -- this is a framing layer which you can plot (with or without a pen) to ensure that you have the pen's starting position where you want it. Plot this using the "Layers" tab of the Eggbot Control extension and select "1" for the layer. A short tick mark at y=800 and another at y=0 will be drawn.

2 - drawing -- this is the actual drawing.

If you are having slippage issues and the drawing leaves a gap between the start and finish, you can horizontally stretch the drawing a few pixels using Inkscape's transformation tools. Select everything in layer "2 - drawing" and then use Object > Transform. Select the scale tab and set the units to pixels.

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