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This is for a prototype microFluidic digital mixer.

For details about how these devices operate:


No clue if this is going to work yet. ABS is hydrophillic, this might change the implementation or require a catalyst to convert to hydrophobic. The included .scad let's you specify different PCB and dielectric thicknesses.

Ideas for bottom electrode:
Unicorn-drawn on holder with conductive pen

Ideas for dielectric:

Acrylic sheet
printed dielectric (thickness will be an issue here)

Ideas for top electrode:
Al foil
Sn foil
un-etched PCB
Unicorn-drawn on spacer with conductive pen


Use .scad to customize to the materials you're using and their thicknesses.

Print a holder and spacer. The spacer and electrodes are 2-symmetric, meaning you can rotate them 180 degrees but not 90 degrees and end up with the same mechanical construction. The boards are slightly taller than they are wide to assist in assembly.

Create bottom and top electrodes using your method of choice. UFDMixer.gcode should work for a unicorn based etch-resist pen. uFluidChip-Laser.gcode should work for a Laser-Unicorn resist etch.


Connect to arduino and program (open source driver coming soon!)

uFluid chip experiment

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