" Du rêve à la réalité - Objet 3D d'inspiration fantastique prêt à imprimer" - "From dream to reality - Fantasy 3D object ready to print" Read our blog

i need coffee..

If you like my work, please award it with a small (or BIG) donation. I am very grateful and it will help me to buy all the coffee (i hate beer) I drink during the long periods that I pass in front of my screen to create these models.

added bonus :
for a donation of $ 25
, I made ​​a model on demand according to your specifications. ('S' model serie)

A donation of 50$
: the same but the files are yours, and you choose what to do with files (they stay private 'for you only' , or public...'L' model serie)

Please :


fantasygraph was created by othar on 3/1/2013.