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This model was asked by a donator who wanted a model in the spirit of the drawings that you can find on the nose of the B-17 Fortress and other bombers of the World War II. This is called Nose Art

It was an interesting work...with a special attention to the hair ( a model of the fifties style hair is a lot of job).. the almost mandatory bomb ridden by the pretty girl sits on a pile of clouds (.. I have progress to make in modeling of cloud ;) ) for reasons of stability of the printed model.

this model is huge...(like the same size than The Huntress ), so i put it in diagonal so it can be printed with a 150*150mm bed.

The size was necessary for a good print of some details like the high heels or the hair (beware if you scale down the model.. i did not test).

The picture of the red abs model are by G. Gunner. thanks to him

As usual, No support needed.

Recommanded parameters : 0.2mm layer height, 2 perimeters, 10 % infill (with "Infill only when needed" checked) ..

Donor S Edition : Pinup Nose Art

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