Former lover of the famous young rogue “ Black Swan “, Faceless is middle age warrior specialized in fight with two long swords, that always hide his face under an heavy choker. He has teached his Art to Black swan when he encountered her. they fell in love after one year.

No one know why they decided to follow their own paths after another year… (some rumors speak about another young lady ,a treachery and a treasure…. but it’s another story)


Recommended print settings:


optimized for 0.15-0.2mm layer. (140mm tall ), 2 perimeters, 10-12% infill

tested with Slic3r v1.2.9 and simplify3D 3.0.2

With the V2 version, you can scale it to x0.5 to print it at 70mm tall, perfect for tabletop or rgp games : beware, there is a bug with slicer 1.2.9, you need to push the XY size compensation to 0.15-0.2 for a clean print (tab 'print setting', then 'ADVANCED' ). only if you reduce the scale.

Don't push the speed too much if don't want to break the arms before they reach the torso during the print

Faceless V2

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