She was the daughter of Ymoud tygard , a unknow wizard that lived in Tar valon, a big city near the Spine of the World. One day that her father was out for working, and that she was alone in their shop of 'curiosity', she began to look into the books of spells of his father. one thing after another, and just for fun, she began to read a magic formula on a page that was pretty. the floor began to glow softly, and bubbles with strange translucent colors appeared around her feet.The bubble finally come together, and the form of a giant snake suddenly sprang. it was an ancient dragon snake from the forgotten tales... the flat head of the monster slowly turned toward the apprentice magician and his hissed voice in his head : ' What can i do for you, young mistress ? and what will be my dinner ? ' his red eyes stared at the young woman who did not know what to do ...


advices :it's an easy print (despite being a big print..and a long print)­. No support is needed to print it. 3 perimeters , 10% infill, 0.2mm layer height (tested with a 0.4mm nozzle, 1.75mm ABS filament))

The figurine size is : X-98.3mm Y-102mm Z-148.5mm

I strongly suggest enlarge scale (x 1.15) to the size of Z=170mm if your printer build volume can supported it for an easiest print (and more beautiful details) . The slicing was tested in Cura, Kisslicer and slic3r. the geometry is watertight

This is the HD version of the model that won the solidoodle character design challenge 2014

The summoner (HD version)

User profile photo. othar 's fantasygraph. Read our blog.

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