Posted to the 3D Print Makers Blog by Michael Spivey on 2/5/2017

3D Print Makers will be sharing some of the more interesting data about searches and shops. In this first stats blog post, we want to share what shops most visitors go to when clicking on search results. Shops are the basic collections of 3D object items people create on the web site. There is a long tail of shops, but the top three are 3D Print, Organized Home and Office 3D Printed and Fantasygraph.

For people interested in how the data is visualized, we take our raw data from Azure Table Storage and import it in to Power BI to run our analytics. search data


This next set of data shows the long tail of the most used search terms. The first few most searched terms are the "categories" or quick searches suggested on the home page, which explains why they are used a lot. Search Terms Data January 2017

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