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We have introduced a new feature here at 3D Print Makers, that lets you track measurements. 3D printing and making things requires keeping track of measurements. When you produce a part or piece of clothing, you want to make sure it fits. This is why we created the new Measurements feature. We think this is the first web service that explicitly lets you track many different types of measurements for 3D printing and making.

To start creating and sharing measurements, login to 3D Print Makers and go to the Dashboard. Then create a Measurement Category and then create Measurements inside of the category.

How do measurements work on 3D Print Makers?

Measurements are real simple. You can make them public or private, specify your unit of measure (inches, centimeters, etc…) You also specify the number of measurements/dimensions, 1, 2 or 3. Your waist size would be an example of a Measurement with one 1 dimension. Your foot/shoe size would be an example of something with 2 dimensions. A 3D coffee mug would be an example of one with 3 dimensions. You create measurement categories and create all measurements under a category. For example, I recently added a category My Body Measurements and it contains a Foot Size Measurement and Waist Measurement.

How can measurements be used?

Measurements can be used to write down and share (or keep private) to make 3D printing or other making easier. If you upload a 3D model, you can share the measurements you used to 3D print it. If you are a consumer, you can keep your body measurements for easy reference when 3D printing clothing or shoes. You can even keep measurements of rooms in your house or office.


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