Posted to the 3D Print Makers Blog by Michael Spivey on 3/11/2017

Submit a photo and 3D Print Makers recommends 3D objects for you.

We have a new way to search for things on the 3D Print Makers website. There is a new camera icon beside the search box in the top page header. Click this and you will be sent to the search by image page where you can upload a photo from your computer or take one right then with your phone. Then click the Search button and your image will be analyzed by our AI for certain objects, like kitchen, forks, hairbrush, table and it will then find 3D objects available for download using those keywords.

As more people do searches, our AI will learn how to better match a photo with a set of 3D objects we recommend. Let us know how it works for you using the comments section below or email your feedback to us at info [a]

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