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A small thing i did for my wife and her girlfriends (the so-called "2x4" gang...do not ask why...apparently it means something in cantonese...)


As Valentine's day approach, i thought i would post this thing i did a while ago.

3 parts for it (hot-glued together post-print):
-the lips
-the top-plate
-the back plate

and one additional part:
-the color change plug

I strongly suggest to first make some quick ugly trials, as you will have to play around a bit with the scales.

As for the color change plug, i use it to help me to see when i need to change the filament.
I place it at the lower left corner of the plate.
Once you see that, for example, the names start to be printed, wait for the printer to go to the plug. once there, press the "Change filament" button on the Rep2. Change your filament, and normally, it will restart on the plug, and the couple of printing path there will suffice to make sure the plastic flows back to normal, ensuring some nice, pretty different color name printing.

the lips are a "cut" from BebemeMucho (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:13048)
As usual, all the parts can be customized on Tinkercad. Look for Kyoxilbuzz.

Kissing lips Jewelry (keyring, earing, necklace...)

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