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This is a major update to my original Chainmail bracelet. The clasp is now better calibrated and much stronger. Small but subtle adjustments make it work better, and require much less rework after printing.

I've included a regular size and a smaller size of the file.

Extra bonus: a multicolor version of the file is attached too, for each size.


This was modeled in OpenSCAD, based on Zomboe's chain mail pattern.

In order to print it successfully, you should make a custom profile in Makerware and change the following settings:

Layer Height: .27mm

solidFillOrientationOffset: 0 (instead of 45) // this allows bridging on the female end

doPurgeWall: true (if using multicolor) // you don't want the color swap to happen in the middle of the bracelet

Make sure that support, raft, etc. are all disabled. Not needed and will cause problems.

Once printed, you will need to trim the supports off the bottom of the clasp tongue. That should be the only required work, the clasp mechanism should snap nicely in and out. I was able to break off the supports just by hand, though an X-Acto knife might help.

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